Stretching – Focus on Flexibility and Feel Relaxed!

stretchingStretching can be better defined as lengthening of muscles so as to increase the flexibility of muscles and motion of joint range. The activities related to stretching are an important part of any rehabilitation program or exercise. Stretching can easily help your body to warm up prior to any activity or exercise. It also works to decrease the risk of injury as well as the soreness of muscles.

Technique of Proper Stretching

It is very important to know the proper techniques of stretching. If you do stretching properly, you will able to avoid any kinds of unnecessary injury. Let’s find out the proper way of stretching:

  • Warm Up

Stretching your muscle can help you increase the risk of pulled muscles. Do warm up by walking or gently pump your arms at low intensity for at least five to ten minutes.

  • Hold Your Stretch

Hold your every stretch for at least 30 to 60 seconds in order to get a tight muscles and a problem free body area. If you will be able to hold your stretches, then you need to do your every stretch only once.

  • Do Not Bounce

Bouncing while stretching your body can cause several small tears in your muscles. It will make you feel less flexible and can be very painful, so it is better to avoid bouncing.

  • Stretch Before and After Exercise

Stretching can be very beneficial for your health and well being, before and after you start your workout sessions.

Let’s Know its Benefits!

There are lots of researches done by health experts about stretching, and it showed that stretching helps. Let’s just know some of the amazing benefits of stretching:

  • Helps to improve athletic performance

  • Decreases the risk of injuries that are activity based

  • Helps to reduce muscle tension

  • Enhances your muscular coordination

  • Increases your energy levels

  • Increases the circulation of blood on every part of your body

Stretching can easily help to increase your flexibility that may improve your physical performance and also decreases the risk of injuries. For more, talk to your therapist to know the best way to stretch if you really have any health concerns.


We all know that flexible muscles can easily improve your daily performances and can make your life easy. And to get that flexible body, there is nothing better than stretching. It helps you to keep your muscles tight and keeps pain and aches at minimum. Stretching also helps you to get rid of stress, so keep stretching and stay fit.