Tomatoes – A Secret To Many Health Benefits!

TomatoTomato is the only kitchen staple, which can be used with the benefit of fruit and vegetable both. While it is botanically a sweet tasted and juicy textured fruit, but it is often used as a vegetable for culinary purposes. It is consumed in many different ways; we often add them to our salads, or sandwiches, or pasta sauces, or even we can consume them in raw form as apple. Apart from this, it is also available in various colors like red, green, yellow or even orange. But besides all this knowledge, we must also update ourselves with its unbeatable health benefits.

Despite of its various uses in kitchen, it also plays a vital role in uplifting our health. One of it’s major benefit is that it helps in reducing rate of inflammation in our body. Inflammation causes our skin to break out but, with the containment of lycopene in tomatoes we can fight against them and many other health diseases including heart disease, cancer and even it can also help in increasing our good cholesterol. It is also believed to reduce the sunburns. We all must have tried various sun creams on our skins but we all land up getting no benefits out of them. They may protect us from UV rays but this protection is only for some specific hours however, consumption of a tomato regularly could guard our soft and delicate skin from harmful UV rays of Sun.

Surprisingly, these tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A which can further help us in getting strong and shiny hair. In order to add a healthier and shiny look to our hair we must start eating tomatoes. Vitamin A is not just adds benefits to our hair but it helps in improving our vision. We can prevent various eye conditions including eye blindness, glasses or contacts by just taking raw tomatoes.

Almost every other person nowadays is suffering from blood pressure issues and we are loaded with list of medicines given by doctors for its cure but we might not be knowing that the potassium found in tomatoes can act as a natural medication for our cause. Potassium helps in lowering our blood pressure thus, ensuring us to be healthy. Above all this, we can also enjoy the pleasure of having good-night sleeps with the help of tomatoes. Lycopene can avoid us from having sleep problems thus, adding sweet dreams to our sleeps.

So, instead of chewing gums, start chewing tomatoes!